Hindustan Times – Are we on the same page?

If I had one word that great brands stand for – consistency would be it.

But why should consistency be perhaps the only or the most important parameter?

It is about predictability (I know what I’d get), which leads to comfort (I’d take that – no questions asked), and which leads to loyalty (I will only take that). And yes, I think it can be that simple. No surprises, life is good, brand advocacy (you take that!) prevails.

So today, while I paid my routine visit to AgencyFaqs I was in for a surprise from Hindustan Times (and as a loyal user it meant *&#^$(*&% ).

Just to set the context: I am still a very friendly newspaper reader. Yes, most of my reading actually happens on the Internet, but the comfort and ‘portability’ of the newspaper still cannot be beaten. Have been religiously reading the Hindustan Times since the time I could phonetically read the masthead “etch eye en dee you ess tee aye en… …. … …. …” (straight out of English 101)

So I saw this site capture running on the home page of Agencyfaqs: (Frame 1 & Frame 2)

Hindustan Times .com Campaign - experience news like never before

Hindustan Times .com Campaign - experience news like never before

As a loyal user, I had to click on it. Read the lines “the all new hindustantimes.com” well, the last phrase any marketer should use. If it is all new, and offers great value, you rather rebrand it. Anyways, so since it was all “new” and all that, I was hoping for a surprise! And a good one.

I land up on this page:

Hindustan Times .com - Homepage

Old Page (spot the difference?)

Hindustan Times .com - Homepage Old

While the above is not a huge difference, what has made me wonder is the look of the communication (the above banner) and the actual landing page?

Great landing pages should start from where the creative/communication/teaser left?

Not only that, if you see, the Gateway of India is sinking. The historical monument that has been the symbol of Mumbai’s fervour been marginalised to such obnoxious extents?

Lastly – the logo. Last I heard, companies spent gazzilion of dollars beefing up their logo consistency, changing the logo, and ensuring that guidelines are met.

All it takes is one Flash Designer?

The new UI and site would be covered by me soon. Till then, I rest my case against HindustanTimes.com

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  1. Hey Mohak!
    Just by way of trivia, (in case you don’t already know this) — the new Hindustan Times.com design has as much in common with the New York Times.com website, as Sanjay Gupta’s Kaante had with Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs! 🙂

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