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How I know could be Infoedge’s foray into education

A couple of weeks ago, I got to know of a big transaction in the Domaining world. was bought by Infoedge ( for an undisclosed amount. This info was interesting as it came in close heels with this announcement by Infoedge ( on their foray into the booming education market.

Now today, during my regular reading on domain investments, I saw ‘‘ (notice it being Siksha and not Shiksha) being bought by another South Delhi based software company for USD 10,000.

Okay – so here is what I foresee: will get a lot of type-in traffic once cash rich Infoedge starts to advertise using mass media. Free traffic for and ad revenue for Pragati Infosoft . Could that would force Infoedge ( to buy the domain by adding another zero to the figure? Or maybe am speculating too early. Watch this space.

Exciting. Domaining is getting into mainstream! And I can be with the FBI for unearthing something which is virtually unknown to many.

Edit: The domain records of now carry InfoEdge as the owner with the VP (Technology) Manish Gulati’s Yahoo address. owned by Pragati Infosoft whois record Infoedge


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