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Brand Apple: Is love really blind?

I love Apple. I love Steve Jobs. I love their advertising. I love their arrogance. I love their products. Infact the love stretches beyond just products. It extends into inspiration, unconditional love… ummm a religion? Saatchi & Saatchi refers to this phenomenon as Lovemarks.

Strangely, while the above is somehow far more intangible in the buying decision making process, the far more tangible aspects like ‘consumer reviews’ fail to soften the purchase motivations.

Recently, while surfing Apple’s online catalog, I read some fairly negative consumer feedback about the Apple Mighty Mouse.

Suddenly, I took notice, but I didn’t defer my purchase. Primarily because of the following reasons:

  • The fact that Apple had the arrogance, courage, confidence and the transparency to showcase the negative comments worked for me, and somehow fit the current brand image in my mind
  • the Lovemark,
  • And lastly the amazing product that Mighty Mouse is in the first place.

Whats leaves me gasping for answers is whether all the consumer mass that is enamoured by a brand ready to ignore the user feedback and go on to pay a premium for products (read brands)? If it does, then whole a lot of things work – Super Bowl (1984 Think Different Ad) as media (remember, White Colour, Fruit-led brand names, and some great advertising.

Apple Store Reviews by Customers


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Brand Experience in Tele Sales, Customer Care, CRM?

We keep talking about brand experience, brand extensions, brand positionings, brand this, brand that…

But what do we do when everything is going right, well just about perfect, until my phone rings… 

Today I got a call from Hutch (a leading mobile telephony provider in India). Well, I know this is not a huge milestone in my two and a half decades of existence, anyways…

Hutch Brand Personality(sorry aaker/kapferer for the crudely defined personality): Young, innovative, reliable, friendly, PINK, sexier (than the largest mobile service company Airtel), and does some brilliant advertising…

But then I was in for a surprise….

Coming back to me and my phoney friend (the Hutch telesales executive)… Read the full tele-sales-script…. Read the rest of this entry »

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