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[jugaad] Newspaper advertising is measurable. Use the Internet!

Before proceeding, be aware that I had recommended this to one of my clients… They did it or not did it is a guess you might wanna take…

Well, a lot of people like me who are far too convinced about the Internet and how it will shape advertising, media, marketing, consumers etc. should use the Internet to measure the traditional media campaigns…

Move away from TRPs, GRPs, and get common sense rating points…
Here is how:

  1. Set up a microsite for the thematic communication that you are going to run in saya newspaper…
  2. Use a powerful analytics application and site traffic monitor (Google Analytics) and plug it into your microsite…
  3. Now, ensure your traditional media ads link back to the Internet with a unique URL for each media vehicle you may use. Say for example, you may publish an ad in Times of India Delhi and Hindustan Times Delhi.
  4. All you need to do is, key in the unique web addresses for each publication. So, you may have
    Visit us at for more details” for Hindustan Times
    Visit us at for more details” for Times of India
  5. Now sit back, and let the traffic details throw up surprises
  6. Not only can you guage the efficacy of each media, you can also check on other details like adformat, colour, page position, what time people accessed the website, where did they access it from etc

In India such quick-easy-dirty fix solutions are called jugaad

Feedback always welcome…

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Mitti Cool: Necessity is the mother of all invention

I could very well title this post as “Ma Baker: Mitti Cool” from the popular 80s track Daddy Cool by Boney M.

Mitti Cool is a refrigerator made entirely from clay, that keeps water cool and also fruits, vegetables and milk fresh for days. It is the invention of a grassroot level innovator called Mansukhbhai Prajapati. He is a potter and clay baker from Gujrat, India.

Mitti Cool Mitticool

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